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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 15, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ [cheers and applause] >> joe: cheers for ryan vogelsong, who has just been spectacular this evening. , only four hits allowed, and one run. nice job is right, ryan. have you ever had déja, deja, déja, deja-vu? the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom. (explosion noise) welcome back! guess the galaxy s3 didn't work out. no, i love the gs3. it's awesome.
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>> this is our new friend at fox and off his new album "i'm shaking. >> ken: here's miller pitching to buster posey. miller just turned 22. posey is 25. youth is served here in the bottom of the seventh of game two. first-round pick, 19th overall, shelby miller from
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houston, texas. he has made a rapid assent through the cardinal organization, and he can bring it. 96 on the fastball. it's 0-2. >> tim: youth is serving baseball very well. the introduction this year of mike fratello, bryce harper, two guys representing their leagues very, very well. >> joe: got posey looking. 95 mile-an-hour fastball right at the knees. one out. tonight's game is sponsored by samsung galaxy x-3. and by bank of america, the official bank of major league baseball. vogelsong exits, as pence comes up empty.
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strike 1. casilla and affeldt, they were warming last inning. they are getting up now. popped up right side for descalso. two out. game summary is brought to you by liberty mutual. two out here in the bottom of the seventh inning. angel pagan has two lead off home runs this postseason. first got to do a jimmy rollins, he's the second. led off to right. scutaro had another two-hit night but left with a left hip problem, and then vogelsong has been outstanding on the mound. he's gone through seven. allowed only four hits. even chipped in with a double leading off the sixth.
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great arm action by shelby miller. as mike matheny described to us before the game, comes right over the top and has a good downward plane with his fastball. tough to hit. as the reds found out the final game of the season in a game that didn't matter, shelby miller held them without a hit through five. strike 2. >> tim: hitters industry a pitcher like that as the guy who is throwing downhill, and miller does it very, very well. the ball is on top of you. even though you are looking for the fastball, it's on top of you before you are ready for it. great extension. >> joe: popped up behind the plate. molina will watch it head into the seats. still 1-2 on belt, who has had a
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nice night. 2 for 3. here's the motion of of shelby miller. >> tim: that's a four-seam fastball. 96 miles an hour. how about 312 strikeouts in three seasons in the minor leagues. his stuff in the lower minor leagues was just too good for the hitters he was facing. 2-2, the count on him. >> tim: dwight gooden, in 1984, he came up to the big leagues after striking out 300 in 190 innings. in one season. >> joe: unbelievable. how about shelby miller strikes out two in his nlcs debut.
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cardinals brought to you by geico. not many hits, four total, two doubles for beltran, the only rbi by the cardinals starting pitcher, chris carpenter. here tonight the starter for the giants, ryan vogelsong, is finished after seven. one run on those four hits. four strikeouts, two walks. a hit batsman. and affeldt is into the game to pitch to beltran with casilla up for the giants in their bullpen here in the eighth. 5-1, san francisco, trying to even the best-of-seven series before everybody heads to st. louis. here's a 1-0 popped up. theriot goes out. pence comes in. theriot has it. one out. beltran retired for the first time tonight. who will become a legend this
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october? cast your postseason legend vote at now these fans aware that that slide by holliday in the first inning cost scutaro the second half of this game. replaced by theriot. >> tim: the boos have increased with each at-bat. >> joe: one on, nobody on. holliday takes the ball. matt 1 for 3. got on in the first inning with a hit. here's the 1-0. good pitch from affeldt, who hits 92 for strike 1. bottom of the eighth they will have the bottom three in their
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lineup. here's the 1-1 pitch. ball 2. holliday hit 27 home runs during the regular season. seventh highest rbi total in the national league at 102. checks on theriot. makes the play. two out. bases empty for allen craig. craig tonight, hit by a pitch his last time up and just grazed his uniform top. struck out in the third. bounced into the force-out that led to that take-out slide at second base in the first.
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affeldt talking to himself as he prepares to pitch to craig. that was big part of their win back in 2010. the numbers coming into this game in 2010, the starting pitching through six games in the postseason, the world champs in ten, 3-1, 42 innings pitched, and a 1.7 e.r.a. so far this year in six games, vogelsong, an e.r.a. of 6.5. but ryan vogelsong turned that around tonight. and his giants lead the cardinals 5-1 into the bottom of the eighth. with the theory of relativity, the next... stop, stop, stop! my car! not so much. but that's okay. you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car, and we give you the money to buy one
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just show it. customize the dash, give it park assist. the fuel efficiency flower thing. send future guy home, his work here is done. destroy time machine. win some awards, send in brady. that's how you do it. easy. >> bottom of the eighth inning, gregor blanco is first in against shelby miller, who had a 1, 2, 3 seventh. cardinals in the ninth will have molina, freese and descalso. trailing by at least four. ball 1.
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strike 1. the closer for the giants, with a beard that's just a little less impressive than brian wilson's, sergio romo gets loose. >> tim: that's a stipulation for closers in san francisco, the beards. >> joe: wilson's is becoming legendary. there is no telling what is in there. there's a belt-high pitch for a strike. blanco didn't agree, and it's 2-2. you can see why he thought it was high. so the rookie gets a break there. now time called prior to the
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pitch. >> tim: if brian wilson was pitching, a ball in his beard would be a ground-rule double. they would never find it. >> saw him on the way out of the park last night. he was on a scooter. i said hey, man, how are you doing in outstanding. got his fingernails painted. >> tim: painted red. i know on his right-hand. i'm not sure about his left. talk about a character. >> joe: that's ball 3. that's foul. he might find andre dawson in that beard like the commercial, if you started feeling around in
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there. what year is it? he is just a walking reality show. >> tim: you know the one guy -- he has a good beat, though. one guy that really enjoys that that is watching tonight, bill lee. the ex-left-hander for the boston rex, the montreal expos, a great guy. and i guarantee you bill lee is watching this game right now. i don't know if he's ever met brian wilson, but those are two guys in the same pod. >> joe: look at the concentration of his fingers as he taps on the top of the hat. that's high. a leadoff walk.
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tomorrow night on tbs, game three of the alcs. a great pitching match-up. verlander and sabathia. and thence day from st. louis, the coverage against 3:30 eastern and 12:30 pacific. hohse had a great year. matt cain has been inked to a long-term deal. >> joe: they won it all in the postseason in 2010, and he didn't give up an earned run. >> tim: no. >> joe: the entire postseason. marc rzepczynski gets loose. we heard from ken rosenthal earlier about future rotation
10:52 pm
plans for bruce bochy. it's worth going back to that. a check on blanco. pretty interesting conversation we had, kenny, with bruce bochy before the game. >> ken: yes, joe. what he said was he did not want to use lincecum tonight, tim lincecum. and vogelsong going seventh innings enabled that to happen. so how does it set up going forward? as you just said, matt cain in game three. and bochy said the likely scenario is lincecum and barry zito will pitch four and five in some order. madison bumgarner, well, bochy said he's still confident in him but bumgarner after the game last night did not sound at all confident. he's not throwing the ball where he wants it or how he wants it so a change could be in order. >> joe: and that caught the attention of his manager, bruce bochy. so maybe as kenny said, lincecum and zito. the giants won the last twelve
10:53 pm
barry zito starts. the fastball swung on and missed by crawford. he's in the hole 0-2 with a runner at first, nobody out. >> tim: that would be a dicey move, in my opinion. because you have a guy like bumgarner, who won 16 games during the season, zito won 15, sure, but all things considered equal, who would you rather have on the mound, bumgarner or zito? that's what bruce bochy will have time to determine. >> joe: as ken mentioned last night, he's not naming any starters beyond game three, just to keep his options open and not paint himself into a corner. so he's been through this before many times with the padres, with the giants. the cardinal rotation is easy to figure out.
10:54 pm
nothing and two on crawford. ball 1. it will be lohse in game three for st. louis and then wainwright in game four coming off a rough start in game five, the division series. then back to the front of the rotation with linn in game five on friday. and you have carpenter and lohse. reign, wainwright would only get one start. the runner goes. ball into root center field. that ball is caught by jay, and this will be a double play if craig can make the tag, and he can't! >> tim: mike matheny already out of the dugout saying we went out of the baseline to avoid the tag and all the players are saying
10:55 pm
the same thing. a bril meant play by jon jay with the backhand right on the ground. blanco had gone around second base. now allen craig and everybody on the card infield are saying that he is out of the baseline, and now first base umpire, miller, will get help from gibson. >> meanwhile craig is saying he tagged him, and looked like he got him on the back. >> tim: he did. >> joe: we will get a conference now with the umpires. and he got him on the back. >> tim: he clearly did. >> joe: it should be a double play. miller had a great view of it, but didn't see it. and if somebody else saw something different, then they will call him out. if not, it will be one on, one out. and nobody saw it. >> tim: of course, that is not reviewable. mike matheny arguing, but bill
10:56 pm
miller -- i beg your pardon, gibson, second base umpire, would have had the best shot at it but he was out in center field making sure that jon jay made the catch, which he did. >> joe: and matheny is still letting bill miller hear it. take a look at the positioning of the umpires. greg gibson, the second base umpire. he stays put. he's right there. and so he didn't see it. and bill miller didn't see it. instead of a double play with jay to allen craig, it's one on, one out, after another fantastic catch by jon jay. cardinal fans are getting used to seeing that. he has blossomed into one of the game's best center fielder, as aubrey huff will come off to bat for affeldt, who threw a perfect
10:57 pm
eighth. >> tim: not only a fine play by jon jay, but a play on which some outfielders have been hurt jamming that thumb into the ground. that backhand catch right against the ground, very, very difficult for any athlete or outfielder to make. a dangerous play for an outfielder. >> joe: didn't even catch it cleanly. just held it in the edge of his glove and then got that wrist out of the way at then of the dive. >> tim: joe, from that it looked like he had half a hand in his glove and not all the way in. >> joe: we saw him lose his glove on the ball hit by vogelsong in the sixth, and he did not keep that glove on his hand. >> one on, one out. blanco had the big lead. >> tim: there you see right there. you see his wall -- his palm.
10:58 pm
wearing is halfway on your hand, it gives you a little extra chance on balls like that. popped up. down the left-field line. a long run for freese. that's a fair ball! freese had to navigate around the umpire, jerry layne. holliday wasn't close to it, and freese just let it go. it was a fair ball. >> tim: that ball has got to be caught. aubrey huff, looked to me like when a ball has that much hang time, it's the left fielder's ball. it's much easier making that play for the outfielder coming in than for the infielder going
10:59 pm
out. >> joe: so a base hit, a single, and now pagan could blow this thing wide open with two on, one out. rookie shelby miller, who could be out of the inning, is still on the mound. pagan has homered tonight. good breaking ball from the 22-year-old. strike 1.
11:00 pm
here comes an 0-1. the fastball misses. ball 1. what an experience for this kid, 22 years old, called up at the end of the year. and he replaced jaime garcia, the left-handed starter for the cardinals on the active roster when garriucci -- garcia hurt himself in game one of the division series. >> tim: we ran into jaime garcia before the game in the clubhouse, and asked him if he's going for another opinion. and he's going to dr. james andrews on wednesday for a fourth opinion and expects to have that left shoulder have surgery. >> joe: runners at first and second, one out.
11:01 pm
a breaking ball into left center. a base hit. that will load the bases, as blood pressure did not get a good -- as blanco did not get a good start from second. the second hit of the inning for the giants. >> tim: i think blanco went for the safe play. watch jon jay put the glove up as though he were going to make the catch. blanco did not have a good read. that frees him right there and could only go to third. >> joe: so the bases are loaded with theriot, the right-handed hitter, coming up. rzepczysnki is in the bullpen. right at the top of the hour here in san francisco, a beautiful night, 62 degrees. that's us, joe, tim, kenny and
11:02 pm
erin at&t park. and this crowd has been loud all night. theriot's second at-bat since taking over for the injured scutaro. good breaking ball for strike 1. on deck, the switch-hitting sandoval with rzepczysnki in the bullpen. here's the 0-1. strike 2.
11:03 pm
guillermo mota will join romo if this inning gets out of hand. theriot trying to add to it. the 0-2 pitch. breaking ball fouled back. game three, a late afternoon game in st. louis on wednesday. giants trying to even the series. great work tonight from ryan vogelsong, their starter.
11:04 pm
a breaking ball. fouled away. >> tim: theriot fighting off some good pitches from shelby miller. >> joe: the cardinals are trying to convince him to stay in st. louis during the offseason. chris carpenter will tutor and rosenthal, their hard-throwing right-hander, during the offseason. they want shelby miller to think about doing the same thing. the runners are on with one out and the 0-2 pitch. a line drive, base hit! blanco scores! here comes huff. 7-1! >> tim: that was a good job by the third-base coach, tim flannery, even though aubrey huff had to wave at second base
11:05 pm
on that line drive because it was close to being caught by pete kozma. he waved him home anyway and david freese cut the ball off. but you can see huff delaying and the throw by holliday was just off-line and cut off by david freese. >> joe: shelby miller knocked out in his second inning of work. rzepczysnki coming in. sands coming up. they are having fun in san francisco, leading by 6. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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at&t. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. >> joe: that ball just out of the reach of pete kozma. that started a celebration from
11:08 pm
the giants' dugout. theriot, who delivered, and this crowd went crazy. rzepczysnki takes over. two on, one out. the batter is sandoval, who flies it to right. beltran back to his left. the runners tag, advancing to third is pagan. >> tim: that was really a gritty at-bat by ryan theriot. six pitches, and on the sixth he lined one to left center field. but there was not a ball thrown in that sequence. six straight strikes. >> joe: by the way, i want to clean something up that i said earlier. in the match-up in game three, the yankees and tigers, i read sabathia, but it's going to be phil hughes. the climb for the yankees, down two games to nothing, starts the middle part of that series in detroit with houston, not sabathia, on short rest against
11:09 pm
verlander. the raining cy young and mvp award winner, 17-game winner, a guy who clinched game five of the division series. but he did it the day before the yankees and sabathia took care of baltimore. he gets the ball in game three against houston on tbs tomorrow night. >> tim: verlander just off the clincher across the bay in oakland. game five of the division series. we talked about the athletics earlier. what an entertaining team they were this year, with an entertaining crowd, just like here in san francisco. >> joe: first and third, two out here and two strikes from rzepczysnki to buster posey, who has one hit tonight. 1 for 7 in this series so far. a strikeout ends the inning.
11:10 pm
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>> joe: the closer for the giants likes to have fun. we've seen him already in this series. tonight he was messing around behind matt cain during the interview in the fourth inning. now he's all business as he takes over in the ninth, up 7-1, trying to even this series for the giants at one game a piece. yadier molina first up. strike 1. bruce bochy during the course of the year has had many different pitchers close games, but it has now settled as romo's job. strike 2. >> tim: they have had five
11:14 pm
pitchers close three or more games, has bruce bochy this year. that's the most closing three or more sense the cardinals did it back in 2001. >> joe: romo got the final out in cincinnati to get the giants into this nlcs, game five. his 0-2 pitch. up the middle. a base hit for molina, who is 1 for 4 on the night, and that's his second hit of this nlcs. >> tim: that's one of the rare times you will see sergio romo throw three straight pitches without throwing the slider. three straight fastballs and molina singles up the middle. i would imagine he will go to the slider right now. >> joe: david freese digs in. 0 for 3 tonight, 1 for 7 in the
11:15 pm
series. >> tim: romo throws that slider about 75% of the time. so three out of four pitches. most of them are sliders. >> joe: in the air to right. easy for pence. one out. freese is 0 for 4. it will bring in descalso. descalso now, kozma next. descalso is the one who got the game-tieing single up the middle in d.c. in game five, ninth inning, against the nationals. the guy on deck won it with a hit into right. ball 1.
11:16 pm
descalso has struck out, grounded out and popped up. that's ball 2. strike 1. 87 miles per hour delivery from sergio romo. the giants lost their closer in that big personality of brian wilson in april. a big role to fill, and they have had many do it.
11:17 pm
here's the 2-1. slowly hit. can't turn two. the game continues. a force-out at second. kozma will try to extend it, but this crowd has had enough for one night. they want it to end right now. off the end of the bat, strike 1. kozma, the walk, a run scored, 0
11:18 pm
for 2. trying to bring up matt carpenter, who is in the on-deck circle and would bat for rzepczysnki. good breaking ball, strike 2. the giants take game two and even this series at one! [cheers and applause]
11:19 pm
the receiving line in the middle of the diamond, a three hour, ten minute game, and ryan vogelsong gave the giants seven strong innings tonight, is the winner. chris carpenter suffers the loss. >> tim: he lifted the giants with low fastballs. >> joe: and worked the cardinals right-handed hitters inside all night. >> tim: yep. >> romo's reaction to that game-ending strikeout, celebration in the outfield. and the giants make their way off the field into the clubhouse, on to the buses, on to a plane and on to st. louis for game three wednesday afternoon.
11:20 pm
angel pagan started in night offensively with a home run for the giants and he's standing by with erin andrews. >> you really ran the bay was a lot of emotion. the hit that marco scutaro took, how did it affect the game? >> big time. i said it before, early runs in the game in the postseason is very important. we put one on the board and they tie it up and we put a few more in the fourth. that was the keeper to win tonight. >> matt cain said on air that he thought matt holliday's slide was over the line. how did you see it? >> i didn't see the video. you have to play the game hard. i don't know if it was dirty or not. he played hard i'm sure. we come back tomorrow and play hard. >> tomorrow is a travel day. and vogelsong a great outing." how does it affect the team headed to st. louis? >> it was fun to watch. all his pitches were right in
11:21 pm
the zone, hit in the corners and getting hitters off balance and that was the key for him tonight. >> thank you so much. joe, by the way, we did ask to speak with marco scutaro. he's on his way to the hospital now to get an mri. >> that's big news for the giants, who have really enjoyed the presence of marco scutaro at second base and in their lineup. he is a big, big part of their success. how about vogelsong tonight? there's scutaro. two more hits for marco. an early home run for pagan. the giants take game two, their first home playoff win this postseason. back after this. 
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>> joe: the giants win game two. a game they needed after losing game one 6-4. tonight behind the pitching of ryan vogelsong and hitting up and down their lineup, seven runs on twelve hits. a 7-1 win. that means this nlcs is tied at a game a piece. travel day tomorrow, late afternoon game, 3:00 on wednesday. we go down to ken rosenthal with one of the other stars, the starter, ryan vogelsong. >> ken: ryan, your starting pitchers have been struggling. you guys face the possibility of going down two games to none. how much pressure did you feel going into this start? >> i tell you what, not as much as i did going into cincinnati. you know, being down those two there, elimination game, tonight we had a little bit more breathing room. but it feels better to get one here and going in there 1-1 instead of down 2. so the cliche, treat it like every other game, but you can't do that. buster caught a great game and i
11:25 pm
tried to hit his glove as many times as i could. >> joe and tim talked about how successful you were going inside against the cardinals. how important was that for you going against this predominantly a right-handed team? >> they are a great hitting team. their numbers speak to themselves, the way they battled back to get where they are speaks for their offense too. and i was just making pitches. i saw buster's glove and the ball was going there and that's all it really is. >> the regular season game, that's the kind of thing that might cause retaliation, the holiday slide. did bochy or anybody say anything to you about maintaining your focus and not getting involved in that sort of thing? >> i just tried to go out and win this game for us. you know, i haven't seen it yet on replay. i don't know if it was a bad slide or not a bad slide. so i don't think that's for us to worry about right now. it's for us to go out and win three more games and get to the
11:26 pm
next round. >> thank you very much. >> joe: kenny, good job and welcome inside our booth. i thought a rather diplomatic answer by ryan vogelsong. but this game was on him tonight and he stepped up for the giants. >> tim: there's no question about it. and ken's question obviously is not going to get a reply, because if ryan talked about pitching inside, then he will be telling us and everybody and the cardinals that that's what he was trying to do. it's interesting that usually you retaliate if one of your hitters are pitched. rarely does the slide cause retaliation, and tonight it didn't. >> joe: it did not. it could pop up later on in this series. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: that remains to be seen. meanwhile, the match-up in game three should be a good one with mr. matt cain, who was so good in the postseason in 2010 getting the ball against kyle lohse. >> tim: two great sinker ballers with great changeups. >> joe: that's it from the booth
11:27 pm
tonight. next it's your late local news and tomorrow night on your fox tune in for an all-new raising hope and ben and kate, followed by coverage of the presidential debate. it starts at 8:00, and game three of the nlcs. coverage begins at 8:30 eastern, 12:30 pacific. big night for the giants in san francisco. see you in st. louis. ♪ 
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